She was silent until she could speak without shrieking.

So there’s this guy that comes into my work, my coworkers now call him my boyfriend. I used to call him ‘the guy who almost smiles’ to tease him but then he’d always smile when I saw him so I carded him to get his actual name. He’s 33. They’re trying to get me to give him my number already so I told john that he could do it for me if he wants. I meant while I was working but I suppose there was a miscommunication.

Hello, my name is Ali and I have only consumed fruit and alcohol today. There may be goldfish in my future.


30 Day Drawing/Art Challenge Day 8. Something with your favorite color.
Some days, my favorite color is purple, and other days it’s green or blue. I like most colors though. I decided to do lavender, cause I was feeling kinda purplelish. I’ve been meaning to do a sketch of a bee in lavender for a while since we have a plant in the front yard of my house, and the bees go nuts over it this time of year. It’s nice to see.
Also I promised my Scientific Illustration teacher that I’d do some sketches over the summer.  The lavender is Lavandula angustifolia.
The bee is most likely Bombus bimaculatus, a common species in the Northeastern United States.
Fun fact: my room was painted lavender from the time I was 7 till I painted it turquoise when I was 17.

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