She was silent until she could speak without shrieking.

"If someone’s says they like Stella, is this what they mean?"
“Yes, if they’re talking about beer.”

This was an actual conversation that I had with an actual customer. I don’t think she quite understood what I was saying ;)

spannish lessions w/ milo

1. August 2014


"i want a blowjob"

quiero una biblia

"call a prostitute"

llama a la monja

"where is the strip club"

donde esta la iglesia

"i want to get laid"

quiero leer la palabra de dios

Waaaaiiittt a secoonnddd. I took six years of grade school Spanish and two semesters of college level Spanish and iglesia means church because Enrique Iglesias’ dad’s name is Julio Iglesias and that means July churches and good night.

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Day drinking, night adulting

31. July 2014

My night was spent soberly fixing drunken haircuts and other adult things like food shopping and laundry.



A mystical place that I’ve never been to and yet, am not entirely sure it exists chunkoflove20

I’m assuming you were close enough to take a picture of their sign.

I didn’t take this picture, fool! My buddy James (that I’ve never actually met) did